Smart assistance handling the small stuff so you can focus on what you

love doing.

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What is Canny PA?

A Personal Assistant designed to assist beauticians with managing their clients, appointments, and finances conveniently using their smart phone and tablet device.


  • Client Management

    Keeping up with your clients is a time consuming responsibility and spending time means spending money. Your Personal Assistant manages all of your client's information reliably and securely for you, saving you both time and money.

    How does it benefits me?

    Understanding where your time is being spent empowers you to invest in areas of your business where it saves you the most money and receive the most value.

  • Appointment Management

    Receiving too many appointment requests? Forgetting to setup or reschedule appointments? No problem! Your Personal Assistant will book appointments based on your availability and handle appointment requests when you are unavailable.

    How does it benefits me?

    Enjoying personal time and being financially stable together encourages a healthy work/life balance which is good for you and your business to be successful.

  • Financial Management

    Do you accept Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Paypal, or all? Your Personal Assistant manages your pocket book by consolidating and simplifying these processes with fewer steps as well as providing reports detailing where your business stand.

    How does it benefits me?

    Understanding how revenue flows within your business helps you to make informed decisions on how you should spend your time and money.

Our smart services are designed to assist beauticians by anticipating their needs, initiating tasks, and providing richer insight into the state of their affairs. Canny PA is focused on enabling the beautician to grow their business using technologies that learn and adapt.

How does it Work?

The Mobile App

Canny PA is a mobile application for smart phones and tablet devices that can be used with or without an online service subscription. Beauticians can add contacts, book appointments, accept payments, and more with a touch of a button and their Personal Assistant will manage those tasks for them. (Currently only supported on Android compatible devices)

The Mobile Subscription

Canny PA mobile subscription is an internet service specifically tailored to perform tasks on the behalf of the beautician. The Personal Assistant communicates with this service from the mobile device over the internet managing various responsibilities for the beautician.